Call HORIZON – MSCA – 2021 – DN - Start Date 2022 | 10 | 01
Next-generation membrane technologies for sustainable exploitation of seawater brine resources: transition towards a circular blue industry

Associated partners

PCCell GmbH produces electrodialysis systems for industrial applications and is involved in the development of the relevant technical components like ion exchange membranes, electrodialysis modules and electrodialysis system operation technology.

Aqualia (AQUALIA), as the third-largest private water management company in Europe (Global Water Intelligence) and the seventh worldwide, is part of the environmental services group FCC, providing public services infrastructure group, present in 4 continents, and employing around 55 000 people in 35 countries. Aqualia covers the whole water cycle, managing water and wastewater services more than 1100 towns and cities. Moreover, Aqualia has a long experience developing innovative solutions for wastewater treatment, as its main is the management of municipal water services.

POLYMEM SA started its business in 1997, specializing in the development and manufacturing of membranes based upon hollow fibres. POLYMEM develops and
manufactures also equipment based upon membrane filtration. POLYMEM sells its products to the most important actors on the water and wastewater markets: Veolia, Ondeo, Saur, and smaller national and international SMEs. Polymem modules family has obtained in 2005 the NSF/ANSI61 certificate. At the present time, 60 people are employed by POLYMEM, achieving a turnover around 6 million of Euros. Between 6 and 8 peoples are employed at full time in the R&D department of the company. POLYMEM has pilot spinning lines and industrial hollow fiber spinning lines which could be used for R&D projects. POLYMEM has laboratory facilities for membrane characterization and performance evaluation tests either in liquid and gas filtrations. Finally, POLYMEM has a design office where, in relation with R&D department membrane, modules could be designed. POLYMEM is working on hydrophilic and hydrophobic membrane development for liquid and gas separation. POLYMEM is partner of several French and European projects for the development of innovative membranes and innovative filtration processes.

Politecnico di Milano is a public scientific-technological university which trains engineers, architects and industrial designers. The University has always focused on the quality and innovation of its teaching and research, developing a fruitful relationship with business and productive world by means of experimental research and technological transfer. Research has always been linked to didactics and it is a priority commitment which has allowed Politecnico Milano to achieve high quality results at an international level as to join the university to the business world. Research constitutes a parallel path to that formed by cooperation and alliances with the industrial system.